The Flood, Not Noah’s

Where have we been these last few months?  Great question! Well we were actually homeless for an entire month from mid February to mid March.

Dustin & Dorothy Anne Dauenhauer's home.

Our Home since 2011

Now before you start feeling sorry for us, it’s not what you think.

We had a major water leak which originated from our upstairs bathroom. Water came pouring down vents, walls and the stairs. The walls in our downstairs bathroom, half of our office and most of our flooring were damaged. Thankfully none of our equipment or furniture was ruined. However there was so much of our home affected that that it forced us to live in a hotel while repairs were being done throughout the house.

I know, I know… we had it rough didn’t we? Actually, it was an unexpected vacation for us and the kids! Thankfully our homeowners insurance covered the cost of the hotel and all the repairs.

Answered Prayer

In hindsight the flood couldn’t have come at a better time and was an answer to a three- year-old prayer. Our prayer was not to flood our home but to have new flooring for the second story portion of our house. When we moved in 3 years ago we only had enough money to replace the flooring of our first level and the master bedroom with a wood laminate. Unfortunately, the second story still had old carpet with lots of trapped dirt causing terrible allergies.

Blessing in Disguise

Almost every year we thought perhaps we could finish the rest of the house with our tax return money. However, when the tax return money came in we ended up using it for our ministry outreaches instead. We were ok with that because we believed eventually it would get done. Now recently we had been praying for new floors again. Suddenly we had a leak, and it turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise.

We learned a lot throughout this ordeal…

  • how to self contract a huge project,
  • how to communicate with contractors,
  • how to be on top of the insurance companies for payments
  • and of course how to have a good attitude and be grateful for family and friends, shelter and provision everyday!

A special thank you to Ryan Page, Aaron Edwards, Ashley Ruffin, Terah Lynn and Jacob Tyler Cecil for all your help with our home before and after the reconstruction.

So there you have it. That’s why we have been disconnected for the past few months. We’ve had to put our blog, podcast and ministry on hold while we got everything back in order. Kids are doing great now. They’re back into the swing of home school. We are enjoying our new floors (which all match now:). It’s a great reminder that God answers prayers in unusual ways and when you least expect it. We prayed for new flooring, and God sent us a flood!

Lastly, stay tuned in for some exciting news to come…

Question: What was your last unexpected blessing in disguise? You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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  • I am so glad you were able to see Gods’ hand in this entire matter. My wife and I prayed for you when you informed me of this incident. Glad you are back up and rolling in the house with new flooring 🙂


    • definingmomentstv

      Thanks Derek! It was really stressful at points but the prayers from people like you and your wife sustained us and helped us to enjoy the journey. Dustin

  • Jonathan Kendall

    Hey it is great to hear that things are going well again. You guys are in my prayers!

    • definingmomentstv

      Thank you Jonathan for your prayers we really appreciate it.Blessing to you and your family.