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We understand the difficulty of finding just the right ministry or guest speaker for your next event or outreach. You can’t just let any one on your stage, right? Over the years we’ve directed, produced and ministered at hundreds of events.

We’ve traveled all across the country speaking in schools, youth groups, churches big and small, and we’ve realized the importance of having the right type of guest speaker and ministry to make it a successful event.

It’s our desire that this page will make it simple for you to get the information you need to make the best decision possible when booking your next guest speaker or minister. If your group needs to be inspired and encouraged, our presentations will do that as well as awaken dormant dreams and talents to help them to pursue their calling in Christ.

Our specialty is helping people develop their gifts and reach their potential. We are excited about the possibility and opportunity of working with you and your organization.

Thanks for stopping by, we count it an honor that you would consider us!

An Overview of this Page

This page provides an overview of what we have to offer, along with a taste of what you can expect.

A Little Bit About Us

Dorothy Anne and Dustin 2011

We have been in ministry for more than 15 years, specifically in the area of the creative arts and music. We have mentored over 250 young Christian artists, ministered over 120 times in various churches, youth groups, schools and on the streets reaching over 30,000 people for Christ across the country and the world.

We have spent our careers working for two prominent ministries, Daystar Television Network, one of the largest Christian television networks in the world and Christ For The Nations Institute, one of America’s leading bible schools.

We now devote our time to full-time ministry, writing, podcasting, and consulting.

We have been happily married for over 10 years. Together we have 4 amazing children and counting, 3 boys and 1 girl. We live just outside of Dallas, Texas.

You can read our full bio here.

Our Most Requested Ministry

We speak on topics related to leadership in ministry, family, life lessons, evangelism and the performing arts. We will customize our presentation to meet your church or organization’s specific needs. Our goal is to deliver the outcome you want and desire in order to encourage the church and reach the lost.

Special Music

The Sun Rises Vocal Track

Dorothy Anne is a gifted singer/songwriter as well as a passionate communicator with a heart to inspire and encourage audiences both young and wise to live wholeheartedly for God. She would be honored to minister in special music or in concert at your next event or outreach.

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Conquering the Dream Killer

There has never been a more perfect moment then now, to achieve your dreams. However there is an invisible force that seeks to derail you from living out Gods plan for your life. In this presentation, I explain how you can to actively conquer the #1 destroyer of Dreams and set you on course to limitless possibilities.

The Deciding Factor

Everyone in history has experienced at least one defining moment in their life, that specific life-changing event that shaped who and what they became. It’s in these moments that point us to our destiny and calling in life. In this presentation, I share how to discover your life’s purpose in order to live the life God has called you to.

The Halfway Temptation

As leaders we often are tempted with taking the easy road or giving up half way when times get tough. The true measure of a leader is to fight past the resistance to push beyond the half way mark of mediocrity, and keep moving forward. Often there is a battle in the mind that rages on, pressuring us to “just give up.” As believers in Christ we are called to go all the way, to finish strong as Jesus did. In this presentation, I share how the cost of abandoning your call negatively effects the course of history, and I will convince you why it’s always too soon to quit.

Hell’s Best Kept Secret

As Christians we are called to seek and save the lost the way Jesus did. However due to the gospel of happiness, many Christians have been blinded to this call. The great commission has turned into the great omission, forgetting the very purpose of why we are here. In this presentation, I share how to awaken our passion for reaching people for Christ and give Christians a universal key to unlock the door to the sinner’s heart.

Memos from Hell

We all get them. Those messages designed to discourage us, attempting to interrupt and ruin our day. So how should we respond to them? In this presentation, I share how to deal with intentional or unintentional offense from the people you love and the people you like, not so much and how Christians can use these memos from Hell for their benefit.

Our Previous Engagements


We have spoken at over a hundred various venues. You can find a list of the most recent ones here.

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