Life Lessons Podcast

Life Lessons is a monthly podcast hosted by Dustin & Dorothy Anne Dauenhauer dedicated to helping you find meaning in life’s smallest moments. Life is sending you messages everyday. Are you listening? Our goal is to help you discover significant messages hidden within everyday life.

Life Lessons Podcast


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Podcast Archive
# Title Released
18 And For All You Single Folks Out There… Part 1 01/20/2016
17 Excellent Communication Is More Than Words 06/20/2015
16 From Missions to Marriage Part 2 05/20/2015
15 From Missions to Marriage Part 1 04/30/2015
14 Secret Episode Without My Co-Host 03/10/2015
13 Dorothy Anne’s Debut CD Project 01/27/2015
12 Happiness Is Not An Option 12/23/2014
11 Why Drama? 11/23/2014
10 The Story Behind The Song ~ Don’t Let Me Go 10/24/2014
9 How To Write A Book 07/31/2014
8 “25 Ways To Prepare For Marriage Other Than Dating” with Author Jamal Miller 07/24/2014
7 Life, Money, Sports & Discipline 07/12/2014
6 What Ministry Kids Wished You Knew 03/20/2014
5 What You Can Learn From A Friend 02/09/2014
4 The Missing Link To Successfully Setting Goals 01/15/2014
3 Our $10,000 Challenge 12/09/2013
2 5 Annoying Things People Do on Facebook 12/05/2013
1 Hidden Keys for Creative Meetings 12/01/2013