The Lasting Impression of Grace

A Midwife's Perspective of Sharing the Grief of Infant Loss

Written by Amy Allred – Certified Professional Licensed Midwife

As a midwife, it is so difficult to put into words what it’s like to care for a client and her family who are anticipating the birth of a child whose life will be fleeting. Being someone who can’t leave “work” at “work” and knowing that each life is a precious, irreplaceable reflection of the Creator, I grieve each time a client has an early pregnancy loss.


To be chosen to attend the joyful birth of a child – an event that will forever change a family – is an

A Friend Asked Me The Other Day…

by Dorothy Anne Dauenhauer

A friend asked me the other day, “How are you doing?” Well… I’m finding that grief comes in waves. It’s a really weird mixture of sadness and gratitude, tears and healing. We’re having a peaceful rest with our little family this week. We know people are praying not just because they say they are but because we definitely feel it. 

I know this might sound odd but I didn’t think it was going to be like this. I’ve dealt with loss before. Losing my beloved grandparents was so sad and difficult. But losing a child is a whole other challenge. I guess you can only prepare yourself so much. I find myself wishing I could hold her just one more time.

It Hasn’t Been Easy

People have been coming up to us and saying how proud and encouraged they are by our strength and how we’re handling everything. I can only say that it hasn’t been easy but Jesus has been carrying us through. He’s never left us.

Also the love and support our friends and family have shown has been incredible. We never want to take that for granted.

People Have Been Asking…

“If there is anything you need just let us know.” So a friend of ours set up a Facebook group page called Bereavement Help for Dustin & Dorothy Anne Dauenhauer. You can find it here.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.

The High Risk Pregnancy I Never Expected

by Dorothy Anne Dauenhauer

Finding out the gender of baby #5 was supposed to be an exciting day for us, and it was at first. When the sonographer typed on the screen “IT’S A GIRL!” I was instantly filled with awe and joy. That meant my 7 year old daughter would finally have the sister she’s been wanting for years and have an instant best friend.


In the past whenever I was expecting I would usually have a dream about the baby. I would be holding them and just know it was either a boy or girl. With Liam my fourth child I had an instinct he was a boy, and I was right. Now with baby #5 I dreamed of pink balloons however I didn’t get my hopes up too high because I kind of expected having another boy just because we already had a name picked out and weren’t too sure about girl names.

We were very surprised and so happy on our way home from the clinic that we decided to buy a cake to celebrate.

The Call That Changed Everything

Less then 30 minutes after our appointment I got an unexpected call from my midwife Amy. She informed me that the results from our sono revealed our baby girl had some serious issues.

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Photo credit thanks to

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