Dustin & Dorothy Anne’s Wedding Video Montage

As a yearly tradition on our anniversary we watch our wedding video montage. This year we decided to make it public and post it to our website. Brings back so many great memories with such amazing friends and family. So sit back, relax and enjoy a walk with us down memory lane.


Question: What was your favorite memory from your wedding? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

The High Risk Pregnancy I Never Expected

by Dorothy Anne Dauenhauer

Finding out the gender of baby #5 was supposed to be an exciting day for us, and it was at first. When the sonographer typed on the screen “IT’S A GIRL!” I was instantly filled with awe and joy. That meant my 7 year old daughter would finally have the sister she’s been wanting for years and have an instant best friend.


In the past whenever I was expecting I would usually have a dream about the baby. I would be holding them and just know it was either a boy or girl. With Liam my fourth child I had an instinct he was a boy, and I was right. Now with baby #5 I dreamed of pink balloons however I didn’t get my hopes up too high because I kind of expected having another boy just because we already had a name picked out and weren’t too sure about girl names.

We were very surprised and so happy on our way home from the clinic that we decided to buy a cake to celebrate.

The Call That Changed Everything

Less then 30 minutes after our appointment I got an unexpected call from my midwife Amy. She informed me that the results from our sono revealed our baby girl had some serious issues.

Better Than A Funeral

by Dorothy Anne Dauenhauer

Several weeks ago I texted my mom and didn’t hear back from her. I didn’t think much about it because it was during work hours and her company doesn’t allow cell phones near their work stations. So the next day I called and tried texting her again after work hours. Usually she responds right away anytime I send a picture of my kids. But this time she didn’t, so I thought maybe her phone died or she went to bed early.

Lola & Kids

Easter Weekend April 2015

On Saturday May 2nd I called the house phone and there was no answer. I also called and texted her cell, with no response. At that point I decided to ask my friend Lauren who lived close by to check on her house. She was not home but her dad Mr. Sivley was and he promptly stopped by my mom’s house and noticed her van in the driveway, a package by the door and mail that looked like it had been piling up for days. He knocked on every door with no response, looked through windows and saw no movement. I called my sister who lives out of state in between all of this and found out she hadn’t heard from our mom either. Next we called the police.