What Did We Do With Over 2,000 Pieces Of Candy?!

Despite the fact it rained on Halloween, our outreach at the Scare on Square in Cedar Hill, Texas was still a huge turn out. When we first heard about the opportunity to participate in this community event we knew we wanted to get involved. For us, one of the best ways to reach people is to collaborate locally. What’s great is that we didn’t even have to spend a dime to market this citywide event. Instead all we had to do was sign up to run a booth, bring candy and lots of gospel tracts.

5,000 People

Interestingly, out of 50+ local businesses, Defining Moments was one of only two ministries in attendance. The other was a church. It was estimated that about 5,000 people came out to trick or treat that night.

To summarize, if the average family is made up of 4 people that would be about 1,250 families represented at the event. Since we were able to pass out at least 1,000 gospel tracts, that meant we reached approximately 80% of the families that night!

From the start of the event the line at our booth never slowed down. We had people coming to our booth for two hours straight. Sometimes people would return and ask for extra millions dollar bills or the giant hundred dollar bills for their other family members. That was pretty encouraging and a joy to see so many smiles on peoples’ faces. 

Thank You!

Halloween can be a dark and an evil night, but we shined God’s love and truth in the darkness. Thank you to those who prayed and especially our 12 sponsors who gave towards this specific outreach. Because of you we were able to reach hundreds of people for Jesus! Thank you for being our partner in the Great Commission!

Our Halloween Tradition

Help us reach 3,000 people with the Gospel! This Halloween, our ministry has the amazing opportunity to reach 3,000+ people with the gospel during a local event called Scare on the Square in Cedar Hill, Texas. We will be passing out candy and the most creative gospel tracts around to trick or treaters young and old.

Every year when we participate in Halloween outreaches we get such a great response from visitors. Many times kids and parents ask for extra tracts to give to their family members.

Why are these tracts so popular?! We believe it’s because they are eye-catching, fun, quality-made and have a great message.

Scare on the Square & the Cost Breakdown

Last year Dustin passed out over 1,500 gospel tracts at this event. In our entire ministry existence we have NEVER run out of tracts until that night!

The year before we passed out over 400 at another fall festival event we participated in DeSoto, Texas.

This year Scare on the Square is expecting at least 3,000 people to attend. It’s very exciting for us to have this opportunity, but we need your help.

Here’s the cost breakdown for this ministry outreach:

1,500 pieces of candy for $100
3,500 creative gospel tracts for $200

If only 12 people give $25 we can reach 3,000 people with the gospel.

Would you prayerfully consider being 1 of the 12 people to give $25 towards this outreach?

Your contribution will help us plant a seed in the life of a child, teenager or parent this October.

Contribute Now


#013: Dorothy Anne’s Debut CD Project [Podcast]

Hi everyone! This month we are launching a special project that’s been in the making for months. Starting January 27th – March 5th we will be fundraising for Dorothy Anne’s first ever music CD, and we need your help!

Dorothy Anne's Debut CD Project

Would you please consider donating toward this project? For a limited time only we will be offering exclusive bonuses and perks for those who contribute here.

The theme of this project is not only about recording and producing a CD but also encouraging artists to pursue their dreams and never give up.”

Our objective is to get as many people participating as possible by donating and/or social sharing.

Question: Will you help us make this dream a reality? You can leave a comment by clicking here.