#018: And For All You Single Folks Out There… Part 1 [Podcast]

Encouraging Single People To Be Single Well

This is not about “how to prepare for marriage” or “how to meet your spouse”.  This is to encourage single people to be single well, and to offer advice to married people on how to love and serve your single friends.

And For All You Single Folks...

What or Where is your focus?

  • Our hope should be in Jesus – not in another person or in a certain outcome
  • Be careful that marriage/parenthood isn’t your sole focus.
  • Focus on becoming more like Christ. No matter what happens, it’s a win-win. Whether you’re single or married, we all need to become more like Him.
  • Watch your thoughts! There’s a fine line between dreaming and fantasy. Fantasy can be dangerous.

What are your concepts about life and yourself?

  • Marriage isn’t a reward for good works. If you’re single, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you did something wrong. Of course, you may not be ready for marriage. The answer is still to become more like Him and He’ll reveal those areas to you.

What are your concepts about relationships and ministry?

  • Surround yourself with a multi-generational community. We all need a Paul, a Barnabas and a Timothy in our lives.
  • God has a ministry for you even today. Your ministry may change if you get married, but it doesn’t have to start when you get married.

Be Thankful

  • Gratitude goes a long way. No one is promised tomorrow. Be grateful for your life today. Why spend all your time pining for someone or something in the future? Live your life today.

Scriptures for Singles

Question: If you could go back in time and speak to your single self what advice would you give? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Liz Zafra

    I was single until I was 29 years.I got married and then I have my only child at 30,I thought that after getting my degree as a MD I would be ready to start my own family,but it was a big mistake and I learned a big lesson.I was abused by my ex-husband for almost 10 years and because of my nationally,Colombian a judge gave full custody of my 7 years old daughter to my abuser.Today she lives with me since over 2 years ago and now I’m happily marry to the best man I ever dreamed .Pain and suffering tough me about the gift of patience,forgiveness and to wait in God when you are going to make serious decisions like choosing the right person that God has for you and not just act by impulses,instint or because of social presion.When you meet the right person,you feel peace.

    • Sorry I missed this comment. Thanks for sharing! You sure went through a difficult time. I am sure what you said will help someone else who reads your comments. We can’t just pick anyone that’s why its important for those who are single to follow the advice of our guest. Thanks for listening!