#011: Why Drama? [Podcast]

In this episode we talk with professional actor, storyteller and writer, Chuck Neighbors.  We also tackle a much debated topic that the church has consistently asked over the years, “Why Drama?”  Chuck Nieghbors

Chuck Neighbors began his career as a professional actor, director, storyteller and writer in 1974. He has toured his one-man shows throughout North America as well as 17 countries around the world.

His most popular one-man drama, an adaptation of Charles Sheldon’s Christian Classic, In His Steps, has been featured on radio and television and performed before hundreds of live audiences. Chuck has performed in theaters, churches, gymnasiums, airplane hangars and even on board a submarine.

He has traveled by planes, trains and automobiles (and buses and boats) and even by helicopter to mountaintops in Korea, performing for U.S. military troops. In recent years Chuck’s ministry, Master’s Image Productions, has expanded to represent other professional Christian artists.

Chuck’s published works include his best-selling What Would Jesus Do? Playbook, The Comfort Zone, In the Moment, Drama Now! (Lillenas Publishing), and Power Plays (Baker Books). He has also written numerous magazine articles on the arts and worship.

Chuck is much in demand as a workshop/seminar leader for both large conferences and the local church. Chuck and his wife, Lorie, make their home in Salem, Oregon.

If you would like to connect with Chuck Neighbors you can visit his website at www.MastersImage.com


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  • Andrew Rice

    Great interview! I first met Chuck in 1983, when he gave my a job interview to join Covenant Players. I have followed his ministry and seen many of his performances since.

    • Thanks Andrew for your comments! Mr. Neighbors is an awesome guy and I appreciate his ministry so much! I wish more people knew about him. I came across his ministry by accident when I was looking online for drama tools for my ministry and also the school I worked for. I am so glad I did. His workshops and Drama Now book help my wife and I so much. So did Mr. Neighbors interview you as a part the application process for approval to be a part of the Covenant Players? Are you still acting today?

      • Andrew Rice

        Yes, and yes. I was in Covenant Players for 15 years, and my daughter is a Covenant Player today! I still do drama for my local church.

        • That’s very cool! Thanks for taking the time to comment. What was your favorite part of being in the Covenant Players?

          • Andrew Rice

            That’s a tough question – I loved so much about being a CPer! Probably the impact of the plays and the response of the audience.